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At Aus Speedy Services Pty Ltd we supply and installation of Best Home Security cameras/CCTV, Best Home Security Alarm, TV Antenna, Home theatre Setup, TV Wall mount, and many more services. Ausspeedyservices.com.au is the leader in smart home security, which gives you solutions to monitor, protect and secure your home by yourself or from back to base monitoring. Every home security system we provide is customizable and can be configured to suit your home needs. All security stuff we bought from local, authorised security dealers stands on Australian security standards.

If you thought about how to proceed regarding your home security requirements then this is the time to resolve this before any ordeal story. You have a lot of choices around but you need to consider the right choice, for this, we are here to guide you to choose the right product relating to your property security. If you really need to save your property then there are no alternatives from the best home security alarm and best day and night cameras. In case you are looking to put a home security Alarm you need to consider a few options is the alarm is reliable, does alarm is backed up with the battery backup and how long does the battery goes for, does the alarm have local or back to base monitoring feature, if you considering back to base monitoring do you alarm is ready for NBN line, such as GPRS, GSM, or IP module. Most of the time we look in the market for some cheap alarms which offer the operation of an alarm from a mobile phone, which is good but we forgot about other options such as battery and back-to-base monitoring. Another most important need to consider is the PIR Sensors, how sensitive they are. In my personal testing with a lot of different brands, Bosch PIRs are the best with every electronics in the sensor being totally sealed and they are very sensitive. If you consider putting home security cameras, you need to look for the best home security cameras system which gives perfect day and night footage for any ordeal time. We install the best home security CCTV system which gives HD live viewing and 4K recording. Always go with the system which records and you can take a backup of the footage at any stage when you need it. Cloud storage is a good option but with this, you are stuck with an ongoing cost which costs you more expensive in the end.

For your home security system if you already have an alarm system installed but that is triggered by self again and again then you need to consider doing the service of your alarm because if you tell your neighborhood friends to look after your home and your system do fake alarm again and again because of this they will start overlooking a security alarm that should go away from for no reason at all and it will surely be helpful if they know your alarm system is at doing work condition.

We use the best quality material, which is approved by the Australian Govt. Standards and According to Australian Weather Conditions. We are cheap because we are not paying the Franchise fee of thousands to big companies that’s why we offer the best and cheap price for CCTV Security Cameras, the best Home security Alarm, Digital TV antenna, and TV wall mount, and home theatre setup.

Most of the time nowadays when you look at the headlines regarding so much crime all around you in daily life, it’s challenging to feel safe anywhere. One of the most effective ways of deterring burglars, break-ins, and theft is to install Security alarm systems for your Home and Business. At Aus Speedy Services we install home security Alarms and CCTV cameras which deliver peace of mind that you need to enjoy your time away without any stress or worry.

Are you looking for a Digital TV antenna and HD TV antenna since the digital switchover? Do you have a new plasma or LCD or LED TV and need an antenna to get better reception? Do you need information about the different types of Digital TV antennas! which antenna is best that suits your needs? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you have found the right place. Aus Speedy Services has a wide range of Australian designed and engineered digital tv antennas which suits your need. Ask for our free advice. Since the digital Switchover, the demand for digital tv antennas of all kinds has been very high. If you are having trouble getting all of the channels. For some, however, a standard or indoor antenna will not do the trick! then you may be required to get a rooftop tv antenna or an amplifier of a specific type.

At Aus Speedy Services We are specialists in TV wall mounting If you bought a new TV (LED/ OLED/ QLED) and need to Wall mount then Aus Speedy Services can help you. We have a wide range of TV Wall Mount Brackets. We use Guaranteed High Quality and Heavy Duty products. We wall mount TV with concealed wiring (all wires are hidden in the wall). We mount a TV on a wall, in corners, swivel wall mount, ceiling mount. Call Aus Speedy Services with Confidence as our work is 100% Guaranteed and Customer satisfied. We provide the best deal with TV wall mounts to our customers, so call us we will not disappoint you.

We will beat any written quote from any registered company if we can.

Our technicians are local and experienced in recommending the correct antenna to suit your area. Any roof or any house design Aus Speedy Services can install an antenna on them all.

We offer you peace of mind when working in and around your home, as you are partnering with a family-friendly, local provider, and we carry all necessary safety accreditations and insurances

A Few Reasons Why We Are The Industry Leader and Reasons Why You Choose Aus Speedy Services

At Aus Speedy Services we understand your needs and know-how home security is compulsory for you and your family from outsiders and intruders that’s why our price is very competitive.

We are fully qualified and licensed installers and advisers for the installation of security types of equipment.

All our Technicians are police checked.

All of our home security Alarm and Security System products are ISO 9001 Certified backed with 2-5 years manufacturers warranty Depending on the Brand Such As Bosch or Ness

We always consider your home and your family security first when we install a home alarm system, for this, we put PIRs(Sensors) on the areas where your house is fully protected from any motion or movement when the house is alarmed

We have a wide range of high-quality Alarms, security products, and solutions. we always give the most cost-effective and practical solution for your needs.

We have 7 years of experience in the installation and supply of home security systems and products to homes in Melbourne.

We always give honest advice to our customers for the protection of their property, and what security system products will best assist them.

We are client references-based company and customer service is our priority and we always make our customers 100% satisfied, that’s why we have always 5-star positive feedback.

We are registered through the “Government TV Antenna Endorsement Scheme”.

Melbourne’s Leading Specialists in Digital TV Antenna’s

Our Price is cheap and our product is high-Quality High-Quality Parts

We have property and public liability insurance of $10 million.

We are a privately owned business, not a franchise so you can comfortably talk with Melbourne’s privately home-based and operated Digital antenna and home security equipment installation company, moreover, you are directly talking to our installers for your Tech support needs.

Our technicians are qualified and trained professionals with OH&S qualifications.

We use a tv Antenna that really suits your needs. We have a wide range of antennas that suits different areas and the transmitter. 

The strength of our Company

Our approach:- To Build a healthy relationship with a customer.

Our Solution:- A high-Performance service to the customer.

Our Value:- Real Customer Benefit on the whole life term.

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